Chocolate-Dipped “Caramel” Nut Pops (4 Ingredients)

“Oooooooh ya, baby!” … out of the mouth of my innocent 7-yr-old babe when I handed him one of these Chocolate-Dipped “Caramel” Nut Pops. Followed my “mmm, mmmm” and “I want another one”.

It makes me laugh and celebrate at the same time when kids act so over the top about a healthy snack. This […]

Sunsweet Energy Bites (2 Ingredients)

These delicious afternoon pick-me-ups have just 2 ingredients – dates and nut or seed butter. We love them with sunflower seed butter! Hence the name Sunsweet Energy Bites.

They can be easily made into an extra special treat by dipping them in chocolate and piercing them with a lollipop stick for these Chocolate-Dipped “Caramel” Nut […]

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Simple Thai Red Coconut Curry (2-Ingredient Sauce)

If you love Thai coconut red curry dishes but don’t have a lot of time to cook, then this recipe is for you! This is truly the easiest way in the world to make it.

I like to prepare vegetables in advance (slice the peppers, etc.) Then when I’m ready to cook, I just saute […]

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My Amazing Doctor … And An Announcement!

Meet my doctor, Taz Bhatia M.D. Isn’t she gorgeous? I hope she doesn’t mind that I snagged this photo off her website!

I can’t say enough about this woman. She isn’t just a doctor in the conventional sense of the word, but in the modern-traditional sense as well. She is a teacher and a healer.

The […]

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Hearty Mushroom Soup (Vegan, Grain Free)

This mushroom soup has a deep round flavor without being overwhelming. The carrots and potatoes make it heartier while keeping it light on the digestion.

I loved it in concept, before it was even born, which is why last week I decided to made a vat. My husband and I had it for lunch and […]

Weekly Meal Plan and Fasting Preparations

Recently, in a post about buckwheat crepes on The Nourishing Gourmet, I shared that I was contemplating whether or not I should commit to this year’s Russian Orthodox Lenten fast.

It is more or less a vegan fast (with the exception of shellfish, considered a non-luxury food) that lasts for 40 days leading up to […]

  • Weekly Meal Plan and Thoughts on Time Management In The Kitchen
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    Weekly Meal Plan (and thoughts on time management in the kitchen)

Weekly Meal Plan (and thoughts on time management in the kitchen)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We spent a lot of time outside, watched a little House of Cards and took naps each day. Now I’m taking a little time to plan our meals for the week.

If you’re like me, reading another person’s meal plan can be overwhelming because the meals are […]

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Everyday Crepes (A Simple Blender Recipe)

Just a few pantry staples, a blender, pan and ladle is all you need to make these simple, beautiful crepes!

Flashback to my childhood…

Some Saturdays (but not all, so it was still a surprise when it happened) I would wake up to the sound of clinking and whirring coming from the kitchen. I would laze […]

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How We Reduce Gluten (Without Strain or Deprivation!)

Yesterday, I shared 8 ways we keep our guts happy. Today I want to expand on how we reduce the amount of gluten we eat.

“Paper mache,” said the woman at the herb shop.  “You know how you get an adhesive substance when you mix wheat flour and water?  Imagine what gluten does to your […]

  • Leaky Gut - 8 Ways to Remedy and Prevent It
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    Leaky Gut: 8 Ways to Remedy and Prevent It (Part 2 of a 2-Part Series)

Leaky Gut: 8 Ways to Remedy and Prevent It (Part 2 of a 2-Part Series)

In this second part of the Leaky Gut Series, I’m writing up 8 ways you can remedy and prevent leaky gut. To get a basic understanding, go back and read Leaky Gut: A Simple Explanation.
These are things that work for me and my family. Most of them are popular remedies for leaky gut, but […]

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