Hello! My name is Natalia and I live in the “City in a Forest” (Atlanta, GA) with my husband and two children.

I’ve been drawn to nutrition and natural healing since I was a young child, growing up in a Russian and Dutch home. I remember my dad theatrically convincing me to love head cheese (with horseradish and lemon!) and learning to make herbal tinctures from my mom.

During my teens and early twenties, I strayed to more faddish health trends, but the color returned to my cheeks only when I came back to a time-honored way of eating. There is no greater joy than passing the gift of nourishment to my family and although we haven’t yet made full circle to the head cheese, the roots have been planted!

A former health columnist and project engineer, I now coach people as they transition their families to a more nourishing diet, and teach Pilates & yoga in my home studio.

What clients say

“I really felt empowered after you left! I feel like I have the knowledge (and desire) to help my family eat healthier and more nutritiously.” -Amanda, Client

“You are a nutrition angel!” -Sara, Client

“I had extremely painful and debilitating menstrual cramps every month.  I was overusing over-the-counter medications to the extreme with minimal effect.  Natali devised a plan for me that dramatically reduced the pain and allowed me to function normally.  It truly gave me my life back.”  Anonymous Client

You are the Queen motivator and educator.” -Don, Client

“I know Natali through my son’s Montessori school.  Our sons are in the same class.  This semester my son, Miles, caught strep throat three times in a row.  I decided that we would completely change his diet to try to beat this without surgery or constant use of antibiotics.  One of the things that stuck in my mind was Natali telling me to get rid of all the processed foods in the pantry.  If I did this, the kids would eat healthy foods that I give them at meal times.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this would work.  My youngest son can be an extremely picky eater.  But I decided I would try since I had nothing to lose in trying, but everything to gain if it worked.  We got rid of everything but a few things like lentil chips.  And it worked!  My two boys don’t eat everything I give them.  But they eat a lot healthier than they used to since they aren’t filling up on processed foods.

I also remembered Natali telling me about the health benefits of herbs so we added more herbs and spices to our meals.  We increased our probiotic and prebiotic intake.  I was thinking of cutting back on DHA vitamins, but Natali’s advice was to keep taking them unless we ate fish regularly.  My son has not gotten strep throat since we made all these changes.

I am always benefiting from the advice she gives me and am thankful that I know her.  I have known nobody else who cares about health and food as much as Natali.  She is constantly trying to keep up with the latest research, looking at books and trying to find more information on any given subject.  I highly recommend her services!  And I cannot wait to try out her recipes!” -Jin, Friend