Pink Panther Smoothie from

We’ve always made smoothies spontaneously and without a recipe.  But they’ve been getting a bit boring – always some berry-kefir-kale combination.  I wanted to come up with a few “house” smoothie recipes with fun names.  Kids love that.

This fits in the direction I’m going with food preparation – a little more planning and building a repertoire of family favorites.  I’m doing this for my own sanity, cost savings and developing a system for teaching my kids to cook – mastering one recipe at a time.

This was inspired by a smoothie with the same name from a juice bar in Seaside, Florida – Raw & Juicy.

Pink Panther Smoothie from

Pink Panther Smoothies
3 servings

12 Strawberries
1 Banana
2 Cups Apple Juice (see note below)
1 Cup Ice Cubes

Blend, pour into a fancy glass and sip together.

Note: This smoothie is sweet!  Sweeter than the smoothies we usually make.  We were recreating a particular smoothie from a juice bar.  To make it less sweet, replace the juice with coconut water or use half juice, half water.