Bread-Jam-Cheese Sandwich
1 slice bread
1 slice cheddar cheese

Toast the bread and cut it in half …

Spread on jam …

Put the cheese on.  Close the sandwich and enjoy! …

Lucas created this sandwich some time ago and he suggested I post it.  Here is a little interview I did with Lucas while he was chomping on his masterpiece:

Me: How did you come up with the idea?

L: I was first thinking I wanted a 3 sandwich (triple layer – three slices of bread and two spaces for toppings) but then I decided that I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to make a double sandwich and I wanted it to be different so I chose cheese and jam and bread.

(takes a bite … “very good!”)

Me: What happens if you’re spreading on the jam and a glob falls off?

L: You just pick it up and put it in and squish it together.

Me: What kind of bread do you suggest people use?

L: Any kind.

Me: Is this a good lunch for school?

L: Yes.

Me: What do you suggest people drink with it?

L: Tea or water.

(He is really focused in on the sandwich now and the answers are getting shorter.  Earlier, we had artichoke hearts on our pizza and he had opted not to eat so he is very hungry.)

Me: Oh, I know!  We could call it the Jam & Cheese Sandwich.  Jammin’ Cheese!  Get it?

L: No, that doesn’t make sense.  If it was just Jam and Cheese that wouldn’t make sense.  That’s why I call it the Bread-Jam-Cheese Sandwich.

Me: Oh, ok.