Tonight the sun sets on my second sugar cleanse of the year and again I have been blessed with many helpful insights.

What I learned this time…

Everything contains sugar, even the healthy stuff. This is no secret – it’s printed clearly on the labels. But I tend to overlook this pesky truth and hone in on “It’s all natural!” or “No preservatives!” For instance, our favorite “all-natural” frozen meatballs contain corn syrup solids. Hmmmm. It seems to take me a few days on the cleanse to be able to visualize the small hill of these odd sweeteners I am feeding my family every day. Motivation to make my own food!

I heavily rely on sugar. Whether it’s the occasional Starbucks pick me up or chocolate at the end of every meal including breakfast a long day, I often use it as a crutch.  Well, life ain’t getting any easier and more sleep doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, so replacing these habits soon would probably be in my best interest!

I am a rebel. It is no epiphany that I do not like rules.  Who does?  Which is exactly why I like this cleanse.  It gets my taste buds back on track after being manipulated by sugary processed foods all their lives.  Then, I follow no rules.  I don’t limit myself.  I trust my body to tell me what it wants, instead of being a slave to cravings and limitations.

Preparation is key.  The first week I was prepared with a pot full of broth and many nutrient-dense snacks and meal options.  I was nourishing myself morning til night and as a result, my appetite was hearty and balanced and I noticed positive changes very quickly – eczema clearing up and even more tone in my muscles.  Then, a stomach bug struck our house and I wasn’t able to get to the market so although I “stuck with the plan” I was too heavy on sprouted bread, cheese, whole-wheat pasta, dried fruit and nuts, and things of that nature.  Broths, vegetables, healthy fats and quality proteins is definitely the way to go!  But still, I felt good.  Just not as good as the first week.

And so I emerge at the end of two weeks without refined flours and sweeteners – On Top.  If and when that changes, I know what to do.  And hopefully one day, as I get more annoyed with the food-science industry and commit myself to re-programming my tastebuds, on top is where I’ll stay.

How was your experience?  I’d love to know what insights you received!