I recently stumbled upon an obscure little DVD and guide book that teaches children to avoid being kidnapped.

The DVD shows staged kidnapping scenes intertwined with self-defense tips from DOK Lee (a martial arts master/concerned grandpa). The mood is lightened by a couple of puppets and the tone is one of empowerment, not fear.

A few things we learned from the program

  • If a strange man were to grab him, Lucas should scream “Daddy!” instead of “help!” or “Mommy!” even if Dad is not around.  This alerts onlookers that the person holding him is not his father. (Of course this assumes that the assailant is male.)
  • We have practiced how to escape any hold (wrists, elbows, neck/shoulders), taking advantage of the weak point of a person’s grasp – the thumb.  As you can see from the photo, he has fun with this!  It’s a great confidence builder.
  • Ten golden rules for safety to teach children.  They include: stay in groups, keep a family password, and never take anything from or help a stranger.
  • We did NOT learn how to detach pinky fingers or claw out eyeballs.  These techniques would be a little hard to practice and I wouldn’t want them shown to other children on the playground!

How to Order

To Order DOK Lee’s Kid’s Protection DVD and hard copy guide book click here I am not getting kickbacks, but please tell them I sent you and perhaps they will be interested in participating in future giveaways as I like some of their health and skin products.

About DOK Lee 

From the site:

“Lee Crull is a very strong, very tough man. Today, at 63, he is retired. He is a father and a devoted grandfather to his 8 and 11 year-old granddaughters. His passion nowadays is organic gardening and living the good life with his family. Yet, Lee has lived the kind of exciting, adventurous life that movies are made about.

Lee grew up on the “mean streets” of Detroit. There were few opportunities for kids. Many turned to crime. Lee was lucky. He was physically strong and athletic. He started boxing to fight his way out.

He won over 60 professional boxing matches while he was still a teenager. When he was only 20, he was recruited to join what would become one of the most elite, highly-trained commando fighting forces in history. He was the youngest professional soldier ever to be accepted into this group.

This force was sent around the globe to solve “impossible” problems. Failure was not an option. Their training was torturous. Only 10 out of 200 eventually made the grade.  Lee was trained as a weapons and explosives expert. He learned survival skills that only a handful of men have ever been taught. He mastered seven different forms of
martial arts. Yet, the most powerful knowledge he gained was of the ancient Egyptian self-defense art of Kuta.

Kuta is a scientific blend of body movement and mental process that was originated by the bodyguards of the Pharaohs. Lee earned the level of “Master”, and was awarded the designation DOK, meaning “Defender of Kings”. DOK Lee is the only man alive today who can legitimately use that title.

Later, DOK Lee became a self-defense instructor and had a long career as a professional bodyguard. He provided personal security for some of the wealthiest and most
powerful people in the world.”